Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Week at the Market - July 26

We are into full swing fresh and new produce every week. The BC Fruit Truck wants you to know you can buy case lot peaches for $35. They may still have cherries this week, also.

The baby potatoes and carrots are growing. We are now seeing mature veggies. New cabbage is in and also brocolli. Onions are in all sizes. 

The herbs are the best. Greenhouse Beefsteak tomatoes are ready. Golden beets and heirloom carrots are ready.

Saskatoons are ready - both wild picked and orchard. Still have strawberries. Gooseberries are here.

Not sure if beans will be ready yet. It just keeps getting better.

This is a list of our vendors this week....

BC Fruit truck               Fresh cherries, apricots and peaches

Treasure Valley             Orgnanic saskatoons and veggies, sauerkraut and preserves

Pick Me                         Herbs and hot peppers, baby tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes

Diana's Kitchen              Cinnamon buns, cheese buns, vegetarian samosas, gluten free baking, preserves

Gramma Bep                  World famous for her baking. Watch for perogies.

Prairie Fields                   Local honey and beeswax candles of all sizes. Honey granola tasting.

Sarah                              Breads, scones, fresh fruit or berry hand pies and more.
                                       Prairie Infusions wild foraged tisanes, morel mushrooms, SK wild rice. Tasting wild rice, wild foraged teas and haskap jam. Haskap jam, garlic wine jelly and pickled SK fiddleheads.

Phyllis Goebel               Handmade aprons and things.

McMahon Colony         Garden vegetables

Judy                                Handcrafted African jewellery

Linda Thompson            Gold Canyon Candles

Vanguard Colony          Garden vegetables

Caroline                         The urban gardener.  The gifts of her garden, organic lentils and free range eggs. Microgreens, multi colour chard, onions, golden beets and heirloom carrots.

Marion                            With all her wonderful preserves.

Beechy Colony             Garden vegetables

Barbara the Cake Witch           Freshly baked traditional German cakes.

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