Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This Week at the Market - July 5 did everyone enjoy last week? Awesome, eh? And such a beautiful day. Thank you to the City for the amazing job with the parade, the homecoming and all the parties. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible. Thank you to the Museum, the Art Gallery, the Lyric. Am I missing anyone? I'm sure I could thank almost every person in town. So does Swift Current know how to throw a party or what!

Strawberries are here! Not sure which vendors but they made their appearance last week. And fresh herbs and hot peppers also showed up last week.

This is a list of our vendors this week....

BC Fruit truck               Fresh cherries

Pick Me                         Herbs and hot peppers

Marilyn Nimegeers        Photograph art  and book of photographs

Catholic Women's League      Quilt raffle

Kirby Leisle                Calico Cat Handcrafted

Diana's Kitchen              Cinnamon buns, cheese buns, vegetarian samosas, gluten free baking, preserves

Gramma Bep                  World famous for her baking. Watch for perogies.

Prairie Fields                   Local honey

Sarah                              Breads, scones and more.
                                       Prairie Infusions wild foraged tisanes, morel mushrooms, SK wild rice

Phyllis Goebel               Handmade aprons and things.

McMahon Colony         Garden vegetables

Judy                                Handcrafted African jewellery

Lloyd Garthus               Handcrafted Pottery

Ken Blydo                     Tickets for Children's Hospital lottery

Linda Thompson            Gold Canyon Candles

Vanguard Colony          Garden vegetables

Norine Liebel             Moose World Handcrafted Soaps

Chelsea Angell             Original art

Caroline                         The urban gardener.  The gifts of her garden, organic lentils and free range eggs.

Marion                            With all her wonderful preserves.

Gwenda Ellis               Preserves, Barbie accessories, handicrafts

Diane Tritten              Jewellery

Beechy Colony          Garden vegetables

Barbara the Cake Witch           German baked goods.

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